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Bottlemaking machinery suppliers
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For a source of plastic manufacturing sites, visit High Index

For today's news: Go to the Packaging Management website for daily headlines from the packaging world, including bottlemaking. For daily headlines from the plastics world, go to the Plastics News website, which also has the best directory of North American bottlemakers.
Once a year, Plastics News ranks blowmolders by dollar sales. They also show numbers of plants, processes used, and markets served. Subscribers can access all of this information at the website.

Public companies that make bottles, USA

Ball Corporation (BLL)

Financials and spotlights on business segments. Ball sold its PET assets to Amcor Packaging."

Consolidated Container Corp

This company combines the assets of Continental Plastic Container, Franklin Plastics, Reid Plastics, Suiza Foods, Stewart Walker, Liquitane. Hartford Plastics, Contech Plastics, Contour Plastics, Vanguard Plastics, and Double R Plastics. It owns and operates 65 extrusion and injection stretch blow molding plants in North America.


Liquid Container
Operates 14 plants mostly for food prodcuts. Was sold to Graham Packaging in 2011

Owens-Illinois (OI)
Has divested all plastic business and is now concentrated on glass containers only.

PVC Container (PVCC)
Was sold to Pretium in 2011

Silgan Holdings Inc. (SLGN)
Silgan Plastics has its own site, with a facilities map, info about blow processes, and a Performance Highlights section that lists customer certifications.
Public companies, outside USA

Amcor Rigid Plastics
With a number of acquisitions (Ball, Bericap, and Alcan Packaging being the lastest) Amcor PET Packaging is now the leading manufacturer of PET plastic packaging for the global food and beverage industries, and the largest blow molder. Its parent company, Amcor Limited, offers a broad range of packaging solutions and ranks as one of the top five packaging companies in the world. Amcor's extensive operations have substantially grown since 2002 and now include 242 plants in 40 countries. It is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and has annual sales of approximately US$7 billion.

Southcorp (Australia) is a diversified manufacturing company serving global markets for packaging, wine and appliances, including water heaters. Packaging products include PET plastics, rigid plastic pails, cans, cartons and printed films.


Consumers Packaging Inc. (Canada)
A major force in glass containers and no longer invovled in PET packages

Ducona Holland BV
Specialities are PET packaging for soft drinks, fresh juices, beer, sauces, dressings, chemicals and detergents. With 20 years of experience Ducona can transform ideas into reality

Pechiney Group
Pechiney is traded in Paris and New York. At the site there had been some discussion about beverage cans, but no mention American National Can's bottlemaking operations. Now a press release dated 99/1/29 reports acquisition of Pet Plas (UK) and provides some bottlemaking info.

More bottlemaker sites:

Able Industries (UK)
Producer of PET preforms and containers.
Altira, Inc.
Bottlemaker in Miami FL
Automatic Liquid Packaging
Go there to see an illustrated description of the blow/fill/seal concept, and info about ALP's contract manufacturing services.
Captive Plastics
The site is still under construction, but the Technical section now contains information about the steps involved in product development.
Chess Plastics
Chess Plastics is an expert in the area of injection molding. They provide a complete solution from initial design through to finished components.


Custom Bottle/Lerman Container Co., one of the best URLs, was taken early on by distributor Lerman Container/ bottlemaker Custom Bottle. Site has been visited over 40,000 times since it opened in May 1996. Their catalog is there with interactive search capability. Content includes: guide to resins, decorating, technical information, regulations.

Encon, Inc
US producer of preforms. Web site features their Viper "Quick Strike" Preform System.

Femit Plastic AG
Swiss producer of PET preforms and bottles has interesting illustrations of High-Stretch PET.

Graham Companies
This simple site started with nothing but manufacturing plant locations. As of 99/3/5, it is being reconstructed.

Hilltop Products Insulation Sleevings Ltd
Hilltop Products is a specialist supplier of high quality insulation sleevings and heat shrink tubings for commercial and industrial applications.

Leyland Industries
Canadian bottlemaker has information about closures, specs, labels, decorating.

Monarch Plastics Group
Site shows plant locations, lists capabilities.

PET Power (Holland)
One of the most attractive and useful bottlemaker sites. Along with photos of the newly expanded production facility there is an illustrated discussion of the ISBM process, full text of the company's newsletters, photos of the full product range, and interactive search capability (volumes, neck finishes, etc.). Link to a still- under-construction site for Captive Plastics, US dealer for PET Power.

WebPac Ltd. (UK)
A developing interactive site that plans to have links to suppliers of containers and closures worldwide. PET Power was one of the founding members. Today the members include RPC Containers (UK), and Nadel Industries USA (site under construction).


Plastic Bottle Corp.
The nice URL, was taken by small bottlemaker Plastic Bottle Corp. Content includes: SPI neck finish specs, other specs, and an article about "The Blow Molding Process." They say they have the largest selection of automotive additive containers in the world available from a single source. Updated 98/12.

Polytainer/CMD Corporation
The West Coast's "largest independent manufacturer of extrusion and injection blow molded products and injection molded specialties. "

Portola Packaging Inc.
Portola is a leading supplier of bottle closures and bottling line equipment, and it also supplies some bottles outside the USA. Of interest at the site an "injection molded" [stretch-blown] polycarbonate 5 gallon water jug, Technical specs included.

Reid Plastics
Site tells the history of the company, shows refillable water jugs, stock water, dairy bottles.

RXI Plastics
"Your single-source solution for plastics and closures." Site of the West Virginia Division shows photos of the product line.
Tetra Pak
As of 99/3/1 a redesigned site is up and running. Bottles represent just a small part of the product line.

Vital Pharma Inc.
In addition to its Blow Fill Seal Machinery Manufacturing Divison, they have a contract packaging site and its own validation group.

VXL Packaging Systems (UAE)
Located at Sharjah Airport, United Arab Emirates this "is perhaps the only manufacturing facility in the Middle East, Africa region fully dedicated to the development of PET packaging for diverse applications. "

Waddington Jaycare


Visit this site to see what a website can do, especially the animation of the company's proprietary Modular Mold Technology process.
National Association of Container Distributors (NACD)
A good starting place for links to distributors and their product offerings. See also Kranson Industries.

Bottlemaking machinery
AG Packaging Australia Pty Ltd.
Supplies and installs individual machines or complete turn-key installations. Expertise covers P.E.T Blow molding Equipment, Filling and Packaging lines for Water, Juice, Isotonics, Carbonated Beverages and Household Chemicals.

Amsler Equipment Inc.
PET stretch blow molding machines. Specializes in fully electric machines and accessories as well as container development, preform sourcing, mold testing and pilot production runs.

Aoki Technical Laboratory
The site has a history of the company, patents, and specs for all of the company's SBM1 machines. About 22% of exports go to the Americas.

B&G Products LLc (since 1979)
Photos and descriptions of the XT and UWM series SBM machines; and worldwide service/spares of XT, UWM, Cincinnati RHB(R), and Sidel(R) SBO(R) machinery

Bekum International
"We are the world's leading manufacturer of blow molding machines and corresponding technology." General descriptions of the BM, BA, and RBS series machines, sales offices. News section contains items about specific machines and applications.

Chumpower Machinery Co, Ltd.
Established in 1995 this Taiwanese company manufactures PET stretch blow molding machinery.

Supplier of instruments, software and systems to communicate and manage color in the plastics industry and many others. Datacolor's plastics technology helps to achieve accurate color on a wide range of polymers and fibers while managing large colorant inventories,


now called Uniloy Milacron. The Uniloy Milacron site, one of the best BM machinery sites, has links to descriptions of machines, some data sheets can be downloaded. Also a section on molds.

Site of Mag-Plastic Group, Jean-Gallay (Switzerland). Information about SBM machines, and list of preforms available from the Toronto location.

Site of Graphics International (Canada) includes information about EBM and SBM machinery from Magic (Italy).

Brief descriptions of PET preform systems, charts of preform designs and cycle times. The online version of Netstal News April 1997 has an overview of all two-component 2C processes with color diagrams.

Nissei ASB Machine Co. Ltd
This producer of one-step and two-step SBM-PET machinery discusses the differences between the two, and lists the pros and cons of each.

Site has info about home-city Milan. Wide range of packaging machinery includes EBM.

Rocheleau Tool and Die
Producer of CE and RS EBM machines.

Rubinco Ltd.
Used machinery dealer from Even Yuhuda Israel. Company removes lines from factories that are upgrading and market them. This includes the beverage, food, and dairy industry. Also offers engineering of ground up factory, turn key design if required.

Spanish manufacturer of extrusion blow molding machinery

Site has the Sidel Group annual report, some charts about annual sales trends,


The Sidel Operations are now broken out as: Blow-molding and Filling; Engineering and Conveyor Systems; Secondary Packaging and Palletization. News section has an overview of plastic beer bottles made today on Sidel machines. See also Gebo Industries.

SIG (formerly known as Krupp)
A big sprawling site with a link to SIG Plastics (from Jan. 01, 2002 SIG Beverages), with links to SIG Corpoplast, SIG Kautex, SIG Blowtec, SIG Hamba and others. A press release section contains releases on new machinery and interesting projects.

Sipa (Italy) is a supplier of Semiconductor Systems and Plastic Packaging Systems. Site has links to both and to owner Zoppas Industries. Concise descriptions of each of the PET blowmolding systems.

Site of Molding Technology, manufacturers' representative, includes information about Technipak Engineering Italia and Techne North America.

Urola (Spain) makes rotary EBM machines, and linear and rotary PET stretch-blow machines. Site shows illustrations of both.

Wilmington Machinery
Rotary blow molding systems, structural foam. On-line version of product literature.


AAD Precision Mould
Designer and Manufacturer of blow molds for the plastic container industry. Their facility is equipped with modern mold-making equipment and design software. They service customers in North America and around the world.

Blow Mold Tooling Inc.
Manufacturer of injection blow, extrusion blow, and stretch blow molds for various industries, turn-key solutions, sampling, product design


Century Die Company (CDC)
CDC makes molds for EBM, IBM, and SBM. Site shows engineering capabilities, provides links to related websites.

Hallink MouldsLtd.

Turn-key supplier, offering: stretch blow moulds, preform mould components, change parts, product design, stretch-blow mould testing services and supply of sales samples for bottles in PET and PP, as well as Rapid Prototyping services

Hammonton Mold Co. Inc.
Manufacturer of injection blow and stretch blow molds for the plastic bottle industry, mold design, 3D computer modeling for conceptual visualization and sales, processing assistance, sampling

International Mold and Production LLC
Company specializes in rapid prototyping and sampling using both domestic and Far Eastern suppliers.

R&D Tool and Engineering(USA)
Site has a long list of equipment and moldmaking services. Article about D.K. Moulds (UK).

Ryka Blow Molds Ltd. (Canada)
Site shows mold-making capabilities and issues of Ryka newsletter Cycle Times.

Tooling Holland
Site of Tooling Holland and Tooling Preform Systems (Holland) in English and Dutch. PET preform systems, coinjection, and more, with film clips.

Imtech Design

A Fantastic Cad viewer for iges, stl, vda, Pro E,Catia, Solidworks, Parasolids, dxf, dwg and more

Manufacturer Of Conveyor Belting, Plastic & Rubber Products
Manufacturer and suppliers of conveyor belting, plastic &
rubber products whether rubber gaskets, rubber matting, rubber tubing,
sheet rubber, rubber hoses and hose fittings


Testing equipment

AGR International Inc.
Inspection Systems for the Packaging Industry, newsletter.

American Plastics Council
Go here for information on recycling plastics of all kinds.

Go here for information on recycling polyester bottles (PET and PEN)

Pressco Technology Inc
High-speed vision inspection systems for on-line process monitoring with automatic part rejection, trend, and reject analysis.


BMC Controls
BMC Controls manufacture leak testers for bottles, drums and technical moldings. Sales and service of Moog parison programmers and servo valves. Bottle collating tables, lost head spin trimmers, bottle check -weighers

Raymond Communications
Go here for information on solid waste and recycling legislation in the USA and Europe. Publisher of State Recycling Laws Update and Recycling Laws International, sponsor of the Take it Back conferences.

Solid Waste and Recycling (Canada)
This rich site includes articles from issues of the magazine.

Waste Disposal
Waste collection online shop allows you to navigate to all products on the web site.


Polymer education

IDES - The Plastics Web™
A vertical search engine for the plastics industry.

The Macrogalleria

The Department of Polymer Science at the University of Southern Mississippi rightly calls the award-winning Macrogalleria a "cyber wonderland of polymer fun." The fun requires a piece of software called Chime (click on the link at the site to download). See what all the polymers look like in different display formats, going round and round or not. See how they work: look at crystalline and amorphous regions, learn about the glass transition via real-life analogies. Learn all about Ziegler-Natta polymerization, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, and much much more.

Polymers and Liquid Crystals

Polymers & Liquid Crystals is a cooperative effort between the Department of Physics and the Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University in conjunction with the Center for Advanced Liquid Crystalline Optical Materials (ALCOM) at Kent State University. This project is part of the ALCOM educational outreach program and is intended to demonstrate the advantages and capabilities of the hypertext medium as an educational tool.

"The Virtual Textbook contains many features that can not be found in a conventional reference. In addition to comprehensive text, 3-D animations help the user understand complex structures. Video footage from actual experiments provides valuable perspective. In the unique 'virtual laboratory,' the user is able to perform his or her own experiments in areas such as polymer growth, phase transformations, and crystalline optics. Full color still images and sound complement the entire program. "

Injection Molding Review
Injection molding thermoplastics and injection molding machine manufacturers review



Draw Works
Draw Works designs, manufactures and sells circulating, fill-up and flow-back tools for oilfield tubulars including casing, tubing and drill pipe. Contact on (979) 657-1216 or email us at for further details.
Steel Plate Manufacturer
Ranger has been supplying North America's steel plate needs since 1958
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Industrial Supply Wholesale
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In-Mold Labeling
Central Decal is an Experienced Leader in Dome and In-Mold Labels. We Serve Several Markets and Take a Customized Approach to Every Project.

Ionized Water
Ionized and Alkaline water at, provides the finest and most cost effective water ionizer, portable water ionizer systems, Water ionizer machine, Alkaline water machine and Alkaline water filter.

Rubber Grommets
Minor Rubber is the leading manufacturer of quality rubber products and industrial rubber products. We offer complete range of rubber products which includes rubber grommets, bushings, bumpers, extrusions, mounts and a variety of other products.

Home Security Systems Tucson
For all of your home security needs you can count on the Tucson Home Security Professionals.

Collapsible Plastic Box Pallet
Plastic pallets manufacturer offering a wide range of storage container systems and freezer spacers, BeeCraft are based in Middlesex, UK.
The Distilled Water Company
Various water products across the UK.



AC Motors
Flanders Electric repairs, sells, and manufactures AC motors in all shapes and sizes.

Combi Boiler
Save money with Combi Boiler - the leading UK price comparison website for gas central heating boiler installation. Compare prices and see how much you can.

Dumpster Rental NJ
American Recycling has been providing scrap metal recycling services to the greater Mays Landing, NJ area for 65 years.

Environmental Compliance Audits
State specific spill plans, spill prevention, storm water pollution prevention plans and air permits are just a few services offered by PM Environmental.

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Home Weatherization Program
Our Home Weatherization Program enables families to permanently reduce their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Recycling computers
E-Cycle Environmental provides the picking up and recycling of computers for the corporate, government, and residential sectors


Rubber Products-Seals-Gaskets-O Rings

Rubber Products - Darcoid Rubber Company, is the manufacturer of gaskets, o-rings, o-ring kits, hydraulic seals, neoprene seals, parker seals, parker emi shielding, rubber bushings and a distributor for manufacturers of top quality rubber products, gaskets and seals.

SAMS Fabrications was established in 1988 and since then has built up a reputation for reliability, quality and competitiveness within the sheet metal fabrications industry.

Sanding Discs, TIG & MIG Welding Equipment
Sanding & Cutting Discs, MIG & TIG welding equipments / machine, welding generators and other industrial supplies from Foster Industrial, UK's leading Industrial suppliers.

Sewer Hoses
Your source for electric pressure washers, HONDA power washers, trailer power washer models and gutter cleaning tools.

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Oilfield Equipment
MSI Oilfield Products is the market leader in OCTG thread protectors and pipe protection products. We manufacture the broadest range of thread protectors with the highest quality standards in the industry today.

Sun Exim
Reclaim Sun Exim is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Reclaim Rubber. Get the quality reclaim rubber from best manufacturer and exporter from India.
Titanium Metal Supply Inc, supplies titanium mill products to the metal finishing industries including aerospace, architectural, automotive, biomedical, chemical processing, industrial, marine, oil, and others. We are a stocking distributor, and full service source of titanium mill products.


Steel buildings
Steel Building guide provides service which will allow you to receive free quotes from the industries top leading steel building suppliers.

images/plastictrade.png" />

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Portable Loading Ramps
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