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Online Training


Apex Container Tech Inc. is pleased to offer high-quality on-line training courses covering a wide spectrum of PET and extrusion blow molding applications directly over the Internet. Each session is approximately one hour long unless otherwise noted. Attendees log on to a web site and see the presentation slides. At the same time they listen to the presenter over a separate phone line. Telephone charges are included in the presentation fee unless you live outside the US/Canada. In this case surcharges may apply. It is also possible to connect through Skype at no cost but service interruptions may be encountered. Questions can be typed in during the presentation and there will be a "live" question and answer period at the end of each hour. We will also answer questions emailed to us after the course within reasonable limits.

Registered participants will receive the presentation slides ahead of time, and are encouraged to print them out for note-taking during the live session.
Each course is available for US$125 or CAN$125 plus HST for Canadian companies. Discounts for multiple choices/participants are available upon request. Please email us at: or call: ++1-705-429-1492

Please click on the course you are interested in to see the summary and go to the registration page. To improve our service in the Asia-Pacific area, we have added a "Night" course and offer now all courses three times at the day listed below. Please check time of day for your time zone from the course outline page of each individual course. For two courses the times are different this time around and I have added these new times right in Eastern Daylight Savings times beside the course title!
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Online Training

Have you taken our on-line tutorial yet? It is free and gives you a short overview of PET packaging technology. Over 3,500 professionals from all over the world have taken it so far! Register here!
Sometimes excellent seminars are cancelled when too many people wait until the last minute to register. Our courses have to recover their costs, and we need a minimum number of participants registered before a program can run. Avoid disappointment. Register early!

Alternate course dates and times may be available: please contact us for further information. We reserve the right to change dates and times to accommodate registrations, with reasonable notice given. No schedule changes or refunds within 2 business days of class time.