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The experts at Apex Container Tech Inc. are here to assist you in your current business or with starting a new one
Our Services

Apex Container Tech Inc. offers a multitude of services for the production of plastic bottles. We can help you getting started without making costly mistakes or reduce costs in your existing blow molding business. We have been trained from the bottom up and enjoy getting our hands dirty if that is required just as much as we are happy to do an audit or writing a report. Services offered include:

Minimize your risk by keeping projects on time and on budget
Reduce your scrap rates and keep your production running with expert trouble-shooting for the bottle blow molding and preform injection molding process
Design preforms that are lightweight and lead to fully funtional bottles
Engineer your new plant lay-out and start it up on time
Advise you in newest technologies for optimal production
Stay ahead of the competition with product development and plastic bottle design
Assist in proper blow mold and injection mold design and construction
Keep your customers satisfied through quality and productivity improvements
Give you direction with detailed cost calculations for blow molded plastic bottles
Select and evaluate both primary and secondary equipment for plastic bottle production
Maximize your profits with training of personnel in all aspects of blow molding and safety measures
Reduce your training costs with on-line training courses
Minimize your development time by running computer simulations of the blow molding process
Evaluate your plastic bottle for single or two-step process stretch blow molding
UN certification of 55 gal. drums and jerrycans
Protect your secrets and assist in litigation as Expert Witnesses
Write detailed applications for government R & D assistance

Our Business Model
We are only a small company. How can we take on large projects? Rather than employing a lot of staff that would sit idle when there are no new projects we prefer to work with a number of associates on a project basis. We have a network of specialists in just about any area of packaging. During the course of a project we may call on any of them to work out specific problems. Here is a list for your reference. For you as the paying customer this approach has the advantage that we do not need to charge for large overheads. Furthermore, your problems are dealt with by a specialist not by a well-meaning but inexperienced novice in the field. For these reasons we can offer very competitive rates. Give us a try and contact us