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Expert Witness Work

Qualified testimony is paramount to a successful lawsuit. Our experts offer expert witness services to assist in cases of product liability, personal injury, and patent infringement as they relate to plastics manufacturing and subsequent use of plastics products.

What distinguishes our services from those of other providers is that our experts are full-time consultants that work daily in the industry and have extensive experience with the materials, machines, and processes used. They are therefore able to analyze details of the case from the view of practitioners of the trade with a clear understanding of all aspects, not just the narrow perspective of a highly-qualified but inexperienced academic.

Our experience includes all forms of blow molding and injection molding, packaging, and related machinery. We have written numerous technical reports involving personal injury and death as well as product failure in the field. We have testified at jury trials, depositions, and binding arbitrations.

We employ forensic science to failure analysis and are able to find whether material choice, product design, the used process conditions, or other factors such as misuse were responsible for the failure. Evidently we know Good Manufacturing Practises in the industry and can determine if they were followed when a particular product was made. This is often important as there are grey zones in all legal matters that only experts with a full understanding of all factors are able to penetrate and bring out the relevant issues.

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