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Blow Molding: Extrusion

There are many challenges to start a new blow molding business or stay competitive in an existing one. As engineering resources have been reduced in many companies the need for an outside source to assist in particular projects has increased.

There are several areas where we can benefit your extrusion blow molding business today and tomorrow:

Review of existing blow molding business

1. Cycle time improvements:
We have worked on many projects over the years to cut down on cycle time. Our approach is four-fold:

Eliminate all dead machine time by adjusting proportional controls and wall thickness controller timing.
Check for proper water temperature, pressure and line sizing.
Adjust parison parameters, ovalization, blow pin configurations, secondary cooling means, extruder heat profile etc.
Discuss possible changes to container design or use of another machine type to reduce cycle time even more.

2. Plant lay-out, organization, secondary processes
We have helped integrate secondary processes such as printing into blow molding plants.

Project management of plant improvement after initial review
Lay-out of material or bottle handling lines
Incorporation of in-line printing or other secondary processes

Starting a new blow molding business

We have sourced equipment for several plants domestic and overseas and supervised installation and training of personnel.
Planning of factory based on production requirements
Specifying of all equipment needed
Sourcing of all equipment at the best price
Detailed instruction on installation
Supervision of start-up and training of personnel