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About Ottmar Brandau

Ottmar's picture Ottmar Brandau is an internationally recognised expert in the fields of blow molding and injection molding of preforms. He has written and edited three books on the industry that can be seen here. He has also written numerous articles for magazines and spoken at several conferences. Last but not least he has assisted companies around the world in lay-out, design, troubleshooting, and training. He has worked for Bekum as Service Engineer and for Husky Injection Molding Systems as Process Engineer. His last position was with Magic North America as Technical Manager and Vice President Operations.

His experience includes these areas:

* All aspects of machine and process troubleshooting:
* Complete plant installation with auxiliaries:
* Product development in extrusion blow, injection stretch blow, and injection molding of preforms
* Active service work on Bekum, Magic, and Automa EBM machines, Magic, Aoki, and Nissei ISBM machines, Sidel and KHS-Corpoplast RSB machines, and Husky and other injection machines
* Design review, new container design, preform design
* Overseas supply of Extrusion Blow Molding and Injection Stretch Blow Molding machines with all auxiliary equipment, instruction of contractors on proper piping, supervision of start-up and training
* Plant audits that point out how quality and cycle times can be improved, operators better trained, and energy and waste reduced
* Ran Husky's integrated two stage system (ITS) and developed bottle projects.
* Actively involved in machinery sales, project management, machine start-ups and maintenance with Magic machinery
* Training of personnel in all aspects of blow molding:
* Trained operators and engineers in-house and on-line on four continents.
* Author and editor of three books, numerous magazine articles
* Seminars with SPE, speaker at Novapack and PET Technologies conference.
* Cycle time reductions:
* Worked with customers on improving cycle times on existing machinery and achieving target times on new machinery.
* UN Certification of containers for hazardous goods
* Statistical Process Control