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Complete Production Management

If you are a filler or brand owner then your main business is your product, not the bottles it may be filled in. While there are many cost advantages to manufacture at least the bottles in-house, the introduction of a new technology also poses a number of challenges. While you may opt to talk to the equipment manufacturers directly you may find that they do not necessarily have your interest in mind. Their main interest is in selling you as much machinery as possible whether it is the best fit or you really need it. Apex Container Tech Inc. offers a number of solutions to make in-house molding a success. We will
Calculate costs and savings before you have to make a decision if this is right for you
Inspect your factory and specify all services you may have to add
Write detailed specifications for all machinery
Advise on the most current designs and methods
Source all equipment, new or used for the best price and only what you really need
Manage the entire project from start to finish
Accept machines on your behalf against written specifications
Supervise installation
Train operators and quality control personnel beyond what manufacturers provide
Select and evaluate both primary and secondary equipment for plastic bottle production
Offer short-term and long-term contracts to keep your production running until your people can take over completely
The move to in-house production should not be taken lightly. If it involves extrusion blow molding or injection molding, the change to 3-shift production is a major shift in any organisation. We have worked out the logistics to unsupervised PET injection molding that would allow you to continue running in one or two shifts only. Or you could opt to go in-line with injection molding and blow molding on a 3-shift basis for which we have a model as well.
You will find that with our expert involvement your in-house operation will start smoothly and deliver the cost savings that will keep you competitive.