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Books for the PET Industry

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Ottmar Brandau has written and edited 3 books for the PET industry.

The Stretch Blow Molding Book is an ideal text to teach newcomers to the industry the basics of the material, process, and machinery. The material and process sections especialy give more experienced people a better understanding. Ottmar has worked on both linear and rotary machines and the practical advice in the book is helpful for both the people on the floor and engineers. The updated version with a section on injection stretch blow molding is available
The Rapid Guide to Perfect Preforms is a troubleshooting guide for the production of preforms written with the help of long-time expert Rick Unterlander. 35 defects and their remedies are explained, all with pictures where applicable.

Bottles, Preforms, Closures is a design guide that goes in-depth to the underlying theories and practical applications for these three items. It derives its usefulness from combining important information for the creation and manufacturing of PET packages.

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