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Practical Guide to Extrusion Blow Molding

This is a new book written to give engineers, operators, sales people, and managers very useful information in their daily business. Ottmar Brandau started as service engineer with Bekum in 1978 and has since then worked on a large number of machines of various types and manufacturers besides being invovled in product design, plant layout and sales. This book details on 290 pages with 220 figures:

How to calculate clamp tonnage
How to calculate extruder output
How to set up and work with a programmer
The various challenges to multi-cavity production
The newest technologies for optimal production
Setup for efficient quality procedures
All different machine types: shuttle, recip, accumulator, and wheel
The most up-to-date head technologies
Basic material science and machine control
Mold technologies with an emphasis on proper venting and pinch design
On overview of all auxilary equipment and how to calculate requirements
Troubleshooting guide of the most common defects, most with pictures
Tips and tricks for processors
Evaluate your plastic bottle for single or two-step process stretch blow molding
UN certification of 55 gal. drums and jerrycans
Protect your secrets and assist in litigation as Expert Witnesses
Write detailed applications for government R & D assistance

How to acquire the book
You can buy the book here. If you are not sure if you want the entire book or are just interested in certain aspects of the process, you can buy pdf files of the chapters separately. Each chapter is complete in its description of the material and has all the figures that are in the book. Actually most are in color whereas the book is black & white.